Jul 18, 2008

All advertising is local

Online users are getting better at finding goods and services online and because of this; local online advertising is becoming a larger factor in online success. In 2007, industry experts reported that local online advertising spending is up 54% over 2006 and forecast more explosive growth for local search engine marketing in the coming months and years because it delivers results.

Businesses cannot afford to miss out on the local trend in Internet marketing. Your potential customers are out there trying to find your goods and services online everyday and in order for them to find you, it's imperative that local online advertising becomes an integral part of your Internet marketing strategy

Many companies run through their online advertising budgets only to find out that they were marketing nationwide when all they really needed to do was target their geographic region. A local dentist mainly wants to target their town; online marketing that is reaching across the nation is a waste of valuable marketing dollars.
All Marketing comes down to Local Marketing

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