Feb 9, 2009

Passive Active Follow up

I recently wrote an article on startupnation.com that stirred up some emotions and created a lot of feedback.

Read the original article Passive and Active or use this link.


Active and Passive Marketing Part 2 (The Reckoning)

Consider the title "Is your marketing Active or Passive" but remove the
"marketing" and substitute a word of your choice. Here are a few to

Is your "Fitness" Active or Passive"

Do you own some workout equipment but never use it? - Passive

Do you go to the gym and workout? - Active

Do you have a personal trainer? - Active
Do you have a Gym membership but never go? - Passive

Is your "Volunteering" Active or Passive?
Do you write a check - Passive
Do you deliver groceries to the poor - Active

Is your "Job Search" Active or Passive
Do you view popular job boards for openings - Passive
Do you participate in groups and forums about open positions - Active

Passive means being involved at the surface level.
Active means diving in head first and probing the depths.

Passive is "Us and Them"
Active looks for what we have in common.

Passive is "Giving Directions"
Active is a Co-Pilot

If your marketing is active, you will know every plus and minus about your product or service.

If your marketing is active, it won't be defined as directional, creative, interactive, pushed, pulled, contextual or any other industry buzzwords.

If your marketing is active, you will have a hard time distinguishing your ad copy from a customer review.

Active marketing means enrolling everyone into your vision.
It means creating Fans, evangelist, enthusiast and supporters.

Of course all of this assumes you truly believe in your product or service.

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