Jan 26, 2009


It's feedback baby. Some call it Karma. Others call it Props.

"Givers Get", "Givers Gain", "Give to Live", "Live to Give"

Cliches? Yes.

Truth? For Certain.

Many companies, large and small are starting to outsource their customer service to their customers. Yea, to the customers themselves.

Online services like Get Satisfaction and UserVoice make it simple for any one who provides a product or service to also provide a smooth line of communication with their customers or potential customers.

People are talking about products and services. They are reporting problems, making suggestions, giving advice and giving praise.

Notice I did not say complaining. Yes you might consider reporting a problem as a complaint but that is really a matter of perspective. Truth is, most feedback is not white hot flames or even really angry people. Most feedback is sincere and appreciative from the " please help me, I want to love your product" point of view. A huge percentage of feedback is praise. Some call it evangelism.

Whatever you call it, I love it.
It's the kind of thing that blurs the line between bought and sold, company and customer, business and client. These roles become less and less distinguishable everyday.

  • Customers are making great suggestions to enhance the product or service.
  • Companies are listening (not monitoring for complaints) and interacting with the customers.
  • People who have bought and love what they bought are becoming marketers for the companies they bought from. In effect they are selling it to others.

So get on it, start right now. If your a buyer/customer, start creating some karma.
If your a seller/company, start listening.


A few thoughts.

Think contribution, think feedback, think genuine.

What you give.

* Honest, unedited, unplugged, uncoerced feedback.
* Perspective from the user point of view.
* Ideas, tips, wants, feature request.
* Praise and encouragement.
* Simple gratitude.

What you get.

* Acknowledgment - Your feedback, praise, report, etc... will be viewed and commented on by the company, employees and other reviewers.
* Karmic returns - It's a come around go around sort of thing.
* Free stuff - Companies love to hear from you and value your feedback. Sometimes they will give you free trials, membership, etc... (probably not for idle praise or suck ups though)
* Self promotion - A great way to indirectly promote yourself or your company in a non-offensive, unobtrusive manner. Link to your page or blog where you use the service you are reviewing. (if this is possible)
* Satisfaction (The thing we all want in most in life)

Start giving your feedback, check out

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