Jan 16, 2009

The worse Microsoft Commercial Ever!!!!

Wow! It's hard to imagine a worse ad than the Seinfeld, Gates abortions, but this one beats it.

As a rule, I generally avoid posting negative but this moved me.
I have never seen the level of negative postings as I have on this one.

Here are a sample of some of my favorites.

"Wow. That almost made me kill myself. Thanks Microsoft :)"
"Everyone involved should be beaten, starting with that shrill Little Orphan Annie-voiced girl."
"Excuse me. I have to go take a fork to my ears and eyes."
"I’m pretty sure Eric Holder would put forced watching of that commercial somewhere between Waterboarding and Branding With Hot Irons on the Torture Scale."

Watch it if you dare!

To top it off they are using an Apple Macbook Pro.
The ad agency that created this horrific and unwatchable video had to be aware of this. They covered the Apple logo with a flower sticker?!! WTF. Did they think no one would notice? Yes, I know that you can run windows on Mac.

I officially nominate this ad as "The worst ad ever"
If I owned stock in Microsoft, I would sell it.
As for the product, Songsmith, I can never buy it after watching this ad. Even it it cured cancer.

On the positive side.
Microsoft's advertising direction and methodologies are a great example of what not do to.
The overwhelming postings and comments on this ad demonstrate the power of social media and social community.
This ad provides absolute proof that tons of money can't buy great marketing.


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